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As a fully licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced contractor, we are a trusted provider of complete, efficient, and thorough turn-key backflow prevention and FOG systems to municipal water suppliers. Aqua Backflow also offers pick-and-choose tasks if you only need assistance with portions of your program.

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Aqua Backflow specializes in Cross-Connection Control and F.O.G. Programs. Our plans can be complete with regular mailings, educating the water user, and maintaining a hands-off approach for your Municipal, Industrial and Commercial water utility division… We take care of it all!

Services is THE premier backflow prevention management program.

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Track your Fats, Oils, and Grease, and improve your city’s compliance with

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  • Tracking 1 million water customer accounts
  • Tracking hundreds of thousands of backflow preventers
  • Tracking over 6,000 certified backflow testers
  • We opened our doors in 2006 and have NEVER raised our prices!

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