Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aqua Backflow test backflow preventers?

No. AquaBackflow manages the backflow programs for water purveyors, but does not install, test, or repair backflow preventers. A list of testers is available under the “Resources” tab of, or you can use the link below to go directly to the list.

Registered Backflow Testers

How do I enter test results into

1.  Login to

2.   Search for the address of your test – if you cannot find the correct address, email or fax the form to or Fax: 866-777-2125

3.   Click on Site Info

4.   On the bottom of the Site Info scree, choose “Hazard” to pull up the hazard information – if you cannot find the correct hazard, email or fax the form to or Fax: 866-777-2125

5.   Verify the category, serial number, and model of the hazard

6.   Once verified, click “Add Test” and verify the information on this screen as well

7.   Fill in all possible fields on the test form, and Submit Login Screen

My name  doesn’t show under the “Initial Test By” field

Call 866-777-2124, and let us know you’d like to be added to our tester list

What’s the procedure for a failed test?

If your test fails, you (the tester) can hold the test until you make the repair, or you can submit a failed test, and we will send the site a notice to repair the device within 15 days

How do I make a payment?

1.  Log in to our site.

2.  Click on the “My Company” icon on the right of your screen.

3.  Click on the “Shopping cart” icon on the bottom of your screen.

4.  Click on the test results that you entered, highlighting them all. This moves the entries to the payment area on the screen to the right.

5.  The Pay-Pal screen will pop up with your total to be paid for.   Click on that screen and it will redirect you to a screen where you can make your choice to pay with Pal-Pal or a credit card. ( Pay-Pal  is our merchant account credit card processor)

6.  The rest is like any other online check out system.

7.  You will have a receipt e-mailed to you and you can find a receipt in your “Payment Icon” at the bottom of the screen.